The Little Things


QOTD: “Every day we should hear at least one little song, read one good poem, see one exquisite picture, and, if possible, speak a few sensible words.” – Johann Goethe
 SOT: School cancelled tomorrow due to snow. Flew the drone out quite unsuccessfully (landed in a tree, face-planted in the snow — twice, etc.) and attempted to tweak the drone to carry my iPhone to record a cool aerial view but the iPhone was too heavy so I’ll see if I can think of something. Folded dumplings with mom into some satisfying 馄饨. Slowish day.

Today was a nice day for me to just relax with my mom as we’re trapped under some snow and ice. I practiced for some exciting pieces coming up. For the Duke Youth Symphony, I’m playing the lead solo in the brass quartet intro of the Nabucco Overture which I have performed thrice now in various ensembles. For the school orchestra, I’ll be taking on a fun, brief solo in Saturn of The Planets suite by Gustav Holst. I’m excited to be playing in my final year of high school, though I’m a still a bit bummed that I won’t be able to do All-Districts or regional orchestra as I am not in band this year at my school. Sometimes I do wonder if it was all worth quitting band in the first place. For crying out loud, I quit so I could fit in some harder classes since I thought it would look good for colleges. But I was “surprisingly” deferred from Duke ED when I found it a great fit school. It’s easy to listen to the advice of upperclassmen but it’s so hard to heed when you’re living it for yourself.

But if this can be helpful for anyone in the future or me in the future if I ever read back on these, it’s important to TRULY listen when I say that one should be GENUINE. Take classes that you want to, that interest you. Pursue clubs or just do things in general that actually pique your interest. Being genuine will speak volumes to colleges. It’s something that is their job to pick up on. There really is no formula for college or with anything in life I guess. It’s all arbitrary. You can only be yourself and do what you’re best at doing and the puzzle pieces will come together.

Wherever I end up going to school, I will surely be doing things in my own interest for sure. Especially at top-ranked public school like mine where the competition is very high, some of us students have developed an artificial take on our current pursuits just to stay above the surface. I truly can’t wait to go to college where I can find my niche and really begin to hone in on what I’m passionate about. As petty as it sounds, I want to express now how I would feel quite disappointed if I were to end up at UNC-Chapel Hill. Our school essentially funnels 80+ kids to UNC-Chapel Hill each year which is great and all, but it’s sort of stigmatized as not the best place to go as it’s just so close by. But again, I want to say this now in hopes that if I do end up there, I can look back and see how silly I was for thinking that. I think I want a big-name school more-or-less just to make all my efforts worth it and to receive some sort of validation.

In the end I know it won’t really matter. These are all artificial things again in life and I think the QOTD has a nice message of the things we should be pursuing each day. So I’ll try my best to change and not look so much at the bigger picture, and just appreciate the little things.


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