There’s a First Time for Everything

As a New Year’s resolution for 2017, I decided to try and maintain a blog/journal in hopes that my mind and its thoughts, memories, and wants can be better organized and better retained.

As a senior in high school, college is just around the corner. With college comes an entry into adulthood which can be both exciting and overwhelming. Recently, I’ve noticed that I often have things I want to do but never seem to find the time to do them. But I’ve come to see that what I’ve mistaken for lack of time is really just lack of motivation. This is not a trait I want to carry with me into college and beyond. So, with the new year comes a symbolic fresh start for me to try and make things how I want them, i.e. wanting to do something and just putting myself out there and doing it.

For this blog/journal, I’m aiming to do a post a day, a goal that parallels Mark Zuckerberg’s 2016 New Year’s Goal to run a mile every day. If you haven’t checked out his New Year’s personal challenges, I’d definitely recommend checking them out. I first came across his personal challenges in his 2016 Facebook post and that’s where I came across his “book list” challenge in which he had an extensive list of books he aimed to finish for the year. It was from that challenge that I discovered some of my now favorite books such as The New Jim Crow by civil rights activist and Stanford professor, Michelle Alexander and The Three-Body Problem by acclaimed Chinese writer, Liu Cixin (and for those physics enthusiasts, the title of this book alludes to the three-body problem which is definitely something worth checking out).  For those interested,  here is Mark’s 2017 post. Essentially, Mark’s self-activism inspires me and I hope I can set goals for myself as he has.

I’m not sure who my intended audience is — if any at all — and I’m not sure if this is just for the year, for 3 years, or more. But along the way, I hope I can better find self-expression through journalling and maybe find a greater sense of purpose. Maybe this will all be for nothing and simply serve as nice memorabilia for myself, or maybe this will turn out to be something exciting. That’s yet to be written but should something meaningful arise out of this, then it will surely be a pleasant, fortuitous concatenation of my deepest thoughts and promising aspirations.


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